Russia to continue cooperation with US-led coalition

Following talks held in Kremlin with French President Francois Hollande, Putin says Russia will continue cooperation with US-led countries in fight against DAESH in Syria

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Updated Nov 30, 2015

After the talks held with French President Francois Hollande in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country will continue cooperating with the US-led coalition in the fight against DAESH in Syria.

Putin said if Turkey shot down another Russian jet this would endanger Russian cooperation with the coalition and again voiced anger over the downing of the jet last Tuesday. 

"We are ready to cooperate with the coalition which is led by the United States. But of course incidents like the destruction of our aircraft and the deaths of our servicemen... are absolutely unacceptable," Putin said at a news conferance held in Moscow attended by Hollande.

"And we proceed from the position that there will be no repeat of this, otherwise we'll have no need of cooperation with anybody, any coalition, any country," he added.

The Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey after violating Turkey's airspace near the country's border with northwesterb Syria.

However, the US military supported Turkey's claim that Turkish pilots had warned a Russian jet trespassing in its air space 10 times before shooting it down, but the jet did not respond.

Putin said that Russia and France had "Agreed how we will cooperate in the near future, on a bilateral basis and with, as a whole, the coalition led by the United States.”

"We are talking about a designation of the territories against which we can conduct strikes, and where it is better to refrain from strikes, about the exchange of information on various issues, and the coordination of our actions on, so to speak, the battlefield," Putin added.

On bilateral cooperation with France, he said the aim was to "establish constructive work by our military specialists to avoid duplication and avoid strikes on those territories and groups which are themselves ready to fight terrorism."

"We view this as the formation of a wide anti-terrorist coalition under the aegis of the United Nations," Putin said.

On Thursday, Putin insisted on his claim that Turkey had known the downed jet belonged to Russia, but Turkish President Erdogan rejected this.

The Russian president again called on Turkey to apologize for downing the jet in the press conference with Hollande.

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