Russian biker gang reaches Germany

Pro-Putin biker group arrives in Germany, making its way to Berlin to mark 70th anniversary of Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazis

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Russian biker gang Night Wolves has arrived in Germany and are making their way to Berlin to commemorate the 70th year anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union’s Red Army over the Nazis during World War II.

The group departed from Moscow on April 25 to travel on the Red Army Route through Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria to reach Berlin on May 9 and attend the memorial services as well as celebrations.

However, some members of the group were denied access at the Polish border due to not having a visa to enter the country.

The members were denied access following Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said the group may be refused access as she views their organised trip as a “provocation.”

After Poland, German officials also stated they would deny access to members of the Putin-backed group to their country, saying that the motorcycle ride is not acceptable because “some leaders in the Night Wolves are not pursuing legitimate aims with these plans.”

Yet, Germany did not end up not denying access to the bikers following criticism from Kremlin.

The Night Wolves members who managed to pass into Germany continued on with the Red Army route to complete the 3,750 mile (6035 km) “victory tour.”

Members of the group are expected to attend the commemoration services and celebrations on “victory day” which will be held on May 9 in Berlin, the day when the Soviet Union gained victory over the Nazi Germany during World War II.

The Night Wolves biker gang was established in 1989 and has around 5,000 members in total.

The group is well known for its vocal support of Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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