Russian comedian gives imperial crown to Putin as present

Russian President Vladimir Putin received replica of imperial crown as gift from comedian Gennady Khazanov

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Russian President Vladimir Putin receives comedian Gennady Khazanov at Kremlin

Russian comedy star Gennady Khazanov gave President Vladimir Putin a replica of Russian imperial crown on Tuesday, igniting reaction in social media where people likened Putin to a tsar.

Putin received Khazanov on the comedian’s 70th birthday and presented him a cookbook as he is a graduate of a culinary school.

In turn, Khazanov took out a replica of Russian imperial crown that he brought as a gift for Putin.

Putin took the crown and put it on Khazanov’s head as a gesture saying “As you are the hero of the day today, not me, it should fit you.”

The imperial crown was used by the Russian tsars until the abolition of monarchy in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

In an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS News Putin had said the tsar is not a fitting label for him, despite many people call him that.

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