Russian forces clash with militants in N Caucasus, five dead

Caucasus Emirate militant forces in Caucasus killed by Russian forces, at least five killed

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

At least five militants were killed by Russian forces in Kardino-Balkaria, Republic of North Caucasus, and Russia on Thursday.

Security forces claim that the militants were affiliated with the extremist Caucasus Emirates organisation and were part of the senior membership of the group

Information received by security forces, mobilised Russian forces to raid a building in the capital Nalchik.

Civilians were evacuated prior to clashing with the militants.

A thorough investigation has been initiated by security forces to identify the deceased.

The Caucasus Emirate, active from 2007, is a militant extremist organisation operating heavily in the North Caucasus with the aim to expel Russian forces from the area and create an independent state.

Caucasus Emirate is considered a terrorist organisation by the UK, the US, Russia and the UN.

Russia is battling a growing insurgency in the Caucasus region. Last December, at least 19 people including 10 security forces and nine militants were killed and 28 others were injured throughout clashes in Grozny, capital city of Russia’s autonomous Republic of Chechnya.


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