Russian mogul allegedly ‘poisoned’ in UK

A wealthy Russian business mogul was possibly poisoned to death

Photo by: Public Domain
Photo by: Public Domain

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Russian business mogul who was found dead near his home in England’s south was possibly poisoned, a pre-hearing has reported.

Alexander Perepilichnyy, 44 passed out suddenly near his home in Surrey and never regained consciousness. His time of death was reported on the evening of November 10 2012.

Local police forces had investigated his cause of death but initially concluded that there was no suspicion.

Surrey Police investigated his death, and reported no suspicious cause.

A new toxicology report shows evidence that indicate the possibility of a rare poison used to kill him.  

Perepilichnyy had told his colleagues prior to his defecation that he was receiving death threats.

He was involved in the transfer of documentation to legal bodies detailing corruption amongst Russian officials and activities of the Russian mafia. The documents reveal excessive amounts of tax fraud.

Furthermore, the sensitive reports outline theft that has accumulated to a total sum close to a quarter of a billion dollars from the Russian government.

The inquest was scheduled earlier, but the delay of the toxicology reports had adjourned the date.

The tests have revealed a rare poison that may have been used to intoxicate Perepilichnyy called Gelsemium Elegans. The test are inconclusive, however, further tests will validate conclusively the presence of the poison.

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