Serbia faces biggest corruption, abuse cases

Dozens of police and customs officers seized by Serbian police, charged against corruption and abuse of office

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Interior Ministry of Serbia called the case “the biggest such arrest in decades,” and stated that the  arrests were made in cooperation with Hungarian authorities and that one civilian was also arrested.

The Interior Ministry continued its statement saying,”The police have filed criminal charges ... on reasonable suspicion that over the past 15 months the group have committed an array of crimes, including ... giving and taking bribes and abuse of office.”

Twenty-nine unidentified police and nine customs officers were operating in the northern town of Backi Breg and the nearby border crossing with European Union neighbour Hungary.

Suspects were accused of involvement in smuggling goods free of duty into the EU and exploitation of visa-free travel between Serbia and the bloc.

Though Serbia wants to join the EU, it must remove this obstacle and root out regional corruption and organised crime case.


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