Shots fired in Copenhagen clashes

Danish police fire warning shots during confrontation with violent group

Photo by: Wikipedia
Photo by: Wikipedia

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Danish police officers made four arrests in the Islamic Society in Denmark (Det Islamiske Trossamfund) in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district after an incident on Wednesday, following a clash with a group of youths.

Warning shots were fired on the group after they reportedly started throwing rocks at police officers.

A police spokesman said that a group of “30-40 very violent people” attacked police officers near the Ungdomshuset youth house.

Police officer Henrik Vedel was also quoted in The Local saying that "there was a patrol that had to fire warning shots because they felt that their lives were threatened. It was related to an attempt to approach some people in a car. Suddenly, a group of 30-40 very violent people came and threw rocks at the patrol."

"The police shot and that got them to withdraw again. Now it is calm and we have arrested some of those who were the most active in making threats."

Inspector Rasmus Skovsgaard said police officers stopped a car with five passengers after seeing one of them throwing away an object.

Police began chasing the vehicle after the driver refused to comply, but they were quickly surrounded by a group of 25-30 men when they eventually managed to stop the vehicle.

The inspector added that one of the police officers felt threatened and used pepper spray, but when the group did not retreat, the officers fired a warning shot to disperse the crowd.

Following the incident, the group headed to the mosque.

Police stressed that they searched the place “in good dialogue” with mosque members and arrested four members of the group.

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