Slovenia to set up 'hurdles' along its Croatian border

Slovenia to set up 'hurdles' along its Croatian border to prevent refugee influx following closure of Hungarian border

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees as they make their way on foot after crossing the Croatian-Slovenian border, in Rigonce, Slovenia, October 22, 2015

Slovenia will set up temporary "hurdles" along its border with Croatia in order to deter further refugees, the country's Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Tuesday.

Cerar noted, however, that the border crossing will be kept open.

"In the coming days we will start putting up temporary technical hurdles on the border to direct the flow of migrants," he said at a news conference.

Cerar said they wanted "to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe."

The decision came after of a phone call between Cerar and Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic discussing a continuation of cooperation between the two countries on the refugee crisis.

Refugees began to stream into Slovenia after Hungary closed its border with Croatia in mid October. More than 170,000 refugees crossed into Slovenia, a country with a population of two million, since then.

Cerar stated that "If needed [they] will take further measures because ... [they] do not have sufficient capacities to ensure that a large number of migrants would be able to survive the winter in Slovenia."

Around 30,000 more refugees are expected to arrive in the country in the upcoming days.

For refugees headed to Germany and Austria, Slovenia has become a major transit point, since Hungary has closed its border with both Serbia and Croatia with fences.

According to International Organisation for Migration, almost 800,000 refugees crossed the Meditarrenean to reach Europe so far this year and more than 3,400 died in the attempt.

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