Slovenia warns of EU’s collapse if refugee plan fails

EU will fall if plan aimed at curbing influx of refugees entering Balkans fails says Slovenia

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees seen walking into Slovenia after passing through the Croatian village of Kljuc Brdovecki, October 22, 2015.

Slovenian Prime Minister, Miro Cerar on Sunday warned European leaders that the European Union (EU) will “fall apart,” if they cannot agree on the much debated refugee plan, which is expected to ease the refugee crisis.

 "If we do not deliver some immediate and concrete actions on the ground in the next few days and weeks I believe the EU and Europe as a whole will start falling apart," said Cerar.

Cerar stressed that over 60,000 refugees, most of them crossing from Croatia have arrived in Slovenia in the last 10 days and noted that it will not “be able to endure this for weeks to follow” if support is not offered.

Slovenia became a popular transit point for refugees after Hungary closed off its border with Croatia, a move which Croatia followed soon after.

The Balkans have been a popular route for refugees who seek asylum in the EU. So far an estimated 680,000 people, fleeing the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have crossed over to Europe, according to the International Organisation for Migration. 

Europe has been facing an economic crisis for several years, but has shown signs of improvement, but the recent influx of refugees is dragging the EU into a new crisis.  


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