Slovenian government wants army to stop incoming refugees

Slovenian government asks parliament to deploy army to help border police in stopping incoming refugees

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Slovenian parliament

Slovenian government proposed to the parliament on Wednesday to deploy military forces to strengthen police control at the border as a response to the growing refugee influx along the Balkan route.  

Defence Minister Andreja Katic said, "It is one of the government's measures in gradually stepping up control of the flow of migrants."

The parliament last year approved of legal changes which would allow the use of soldiers in guarding the state border.  

According to local news reports, parliament is expected to vote on the measure early next week.

The move came after Slovenia's neighbour Austria announced that it will limit the number of refugees coming into the country, fixing it at 3,200 per day.  

The announcement was made by Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner on Friday in which he called on other countries to tighten restrictions.

"It's important that every country on the Balkan route acts more restrictively," Mikl-Leitner had said on Wednesday before his announcement.

"A backlog on the Slovenian side... cannot be ruled out," she added.

Numbers coming into Austria along the main route from Slovenia have greatly fluctuated over the past year, from as many as 14,000 a day to the latest figures that suggest around 1,000 are currently braving the winter cold every 24 hours.

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