Spanish police catch refugee hiding in car engine

Desperate refugees captured after attempting to enter Spain while hiding in car engine

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Spanish security forces control the border of Melilla for influx of refugees

Updated Sep 2, 2015

Spanish police found two West African men, in El Tarajal near the Moroccan border, hiding in a vehicle late on Sunday, one in the engine and other in the back seat, in a desperate attempt to enter Europe.

The refugees, identified only as  "TD and AB from Guinea Conakry,"  were arrested by the Spanish police while trying to sneak thru customs and the case is currently under investigation, according to Europa Press.

Police found the man squeezed between the engine block and the radiator. Meanwhile, the second man was lying behind the backseat.

The Refugees were hiding in a Mercedes 300 with false plates,  police also detained two Moroccan men who were in the car.

According to Spain's Guardia Civil police, two men were suffering from lack of oxygen, and doctors said they could have died if they had been in there a bit longer. 

Ceuta is a small Spanish city on the Moroccan border. Hundreds of thousands of refugees try to reach Europe to escape from conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

Countries like Spain, Italy and Greece, have been struggling with the increased number of refugees this year.

Last year, a Moroccan man suffocated in a suitcase after his brother tried to carry him to mainland Spain aboard a ferry from Melilla.



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