Spanish region has highest unemployment rate in EU

Andalusia most populated and second largest autonomy community in Spain takes lead of highest unemployment rate in entire European Union

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A report released shows that Andalusia has taken the lead with the highest unemployment rate in the entire European Union (EU).

The Eurostat report that was released on Wednesday, reveals that five Spanish regions have the highest rate of unemployment in the entire EU.

Andalusia is located in Spain’s southern coast with a population of over eight million people and takes the lead with the highest 34.8 percent, among the five Spanish regions mentioned in the report.

Andalusia is followed by Canarias with 32.4 percent, Ceuta 31.9 percent, Extremadura 29.8 percent and finally Castilla-la Mancha 29.0 percent.

Some of the regions stand out with the highest rate of unemployment among youth across the EU with Ceuta at 67.5 percent, Andalusia 61.5 percent, Castilla-la Mancha 61.3 percent and Canarias with 57.4 percent.

The report also states that unemployed people in one of three regions in the EU have been jobless for at least a year.

According to the Spanish Labour Ministry, there has been a drop of 6.2 percent in the employment rate in 2014, compared to 2013.

Early this year the Minister of Labour Fatima Banez claimed they are “witnessing a strong recovery in the growth of job creation,” which is benefiting the unemployment rates around the country.

However, Spain’s national unemployment rate was still recorded as more than twice the average of the EU, Germany, Oberbayern and Czech Republic. Prague has come first at 2.5 percent with having the lowest unemployment rate.

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