State of emergency extended in France

France extends state of emergency for three months, after holding debate at the National Assembly in Paris

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The National Assembly in Paris where the debate on extending the state of emergency took place in November 19, 2015

The French National Assembly voted and agreed on Thursday to extend the state of emergency in the country for three months after attacks in the capital on Friday night which left 129 people dead.

The French president had requested the extension from both the French National Assembly and the French Senate.

"With acts of war on Nov. 13, the enemy has moved a step further. Democracy has the capacity to react. In accordance with these principles, we will provide the means to guarantee the security of these citizens [...] but we must go beyond the urgency."

"I believe in conscience that we have to change the constitution to allow the public authorities to act in accordance with the rule of law to acts of war," Hollande said.

The extension of the state of emergency means police officers can be armed when off duty, while Mr. Hollande is also advocating a change in the French constitution in order to allow authorities to act faster on emergency matters.

Hollande also suggested taking away citizenship from convicted militants back in April.


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