Suspect arrested after arson attack on Islamic center

Danish police arrest man who allegedly torched mosque in Denmark

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Danish police said Sunday that they had arrested a man on suspicion of setting fire to a building used by a religious association, Islamic Society, in Nordvest district of Copenhagen.

When the fire began, there were 40 people inside the building. The suspect threw flammable liquid at the library inside the building. The fire was quickly controlled, police said. No casualties have been reported except superficial damages to the outside of the building.

"At 11:31am, the police were informed that a man had started a fire by throwing a flammable liquid ... at the Muslim center," a police statement said.

Police says the suspect who is in his 30s has been previously convicted of vandalism. He will appear in court on Monday.

The center belongs to Islamic Society in Denmark whose members called the fire  “an act of terrorism” on its website.

This act “was likely the result of political and religious motives… As tragic as it is, it unfortunately does not surprise us,” the center said.

Since a young Dane of Palestinian origin killed a filmmaker and an unarmed Jewish security guard outside a synagogue in February, Muslim community in Denmark has feared being looked at with suspicion. In June, 50 graves at a Muslim cemetery were destroyed in Copenhagen.


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