Sweden arrests 14 planning to attack asylum centre

Swedish police arrest 14 suspects planning to attack asylum centre in Nynashamn south of Stockholm

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Swedish police arrested a large group from a neo-Nazi movement that staged an unannounced rally in Stockholm following a brawl January 23, 2016.

Swedish police arrested 14 men for allegedly planning to attack an asylum centre in Nynashamn, south of Stockholm, authorities said on Tuesday.

The men were detained on Monday, after axes, knives and iron pipes were found in their cars.

The suspects were all carrying foreign ID papers, some of them were Polish nationals living and working in Sweden, daily Aftonbladet quoted police.

"We believe that the migrant centre was the target of the attack," police spokesman Hesam Akbari told AFP.

This is not the first racist attack in Sweden, last month, dozens of masked men believed to belong to hooligan or neo-Nazi gangs gathered in central Stockholm and distributed leaflets calling for attacks on young refugees.

As refugee crisis emerged racism and Islamaphobia rose in Europe, states like Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, have tightened their asylum rules to discourage new arrivals.

In Sweden, the tougher rules comes against the backdrop of rising concern over conditions in the country's overcrowded asylum facilities.

Swedish officials have called for stepped-up security after an employee at a centre for unaccompanied child refugees was fatally stabbed in January.