Sweden Democrats launch campaign to discourage refugees

Sweden Democrats launches advertising campaign in foreign media outlets to discourage refugees from heading to Sweden where numbers of asylum seekers reach record high

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Eritrean refugees arrive at Lulea airport in northern Sweden on October 9, 2015

The Sweden Democrats announced a plan to launch an international campaign to discourage asylum-seekers from heading to the Scandinavian nation, in a press conference held on Thursday.  

The party leader Jimmie Akesson said that "we want, through advertisements in foreign newspapers, describe that the utopia they want to come to in Sweden no longer exists."

Also, a spokeswoman for the party, Paula Bieler said that "we have tented camps here. It's cold, chilly and snowy in Sweden. There is a shortage of resources both for our own population and for those who come here."

"It won't be a better future in Sweden," Bieler added. 

She stated that they will advertise in the countries hosting large number of refugees such as Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

As part of the anti-immigration campaign, Sweden Democrats will also buy space in newspapers and on TV in transit countries for refugees coming to Sweden, such as Germany and Denmark.

The party aims to push for a national referendum on immigration, as it wants to slash the number of refugees by at least 90 percent.

Sweden has been faced with the highest proportion of asylum seekers per thousand inhabitants at 8.4, compared with 1.2 for the European Union as a whole.

In the Nordic country, 86,000 people have applied for asylum in 2015 alone.

According to Sweden’s Migration Agency Migrationsverket, earlier predictions suggest that 74,000 refugees will apply for asylum in Sweden by December 2015.

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