Sweden requests European Commission to relocate refugees

Sweden wants European Commission to relocate refugees to other EU countries

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven released a written statement on Wednesday asking to European Commission to distribute refugees to other European Union (EU) countries from Nordic countries in terms of doing more to help handle the refugee crisis.

"Sweden has taken a disproportionately large responsibility in comparison with other countries in the EU, and now we are extremely strained," Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said in a written statement.

"It is time that other countries take responsibility and that is why the government requires redistribution of refugees from Sweden," he added.

Sweden a country with population of 9.8-million people, is taking in up to 10,000 refugees per week and a total of 190,000 is expected in 2015.

Swedish Migration Agency stated that, the Swedish substructure is trying to renew its facilities to support and provide temporary houses for refugees.

According to the latest EU plan, almost 160,000 refugees will be shared among EU countries as soon as they are recorded at arrival stations in Italy and Greece.

Apart from the total, Hungary was supposed to relocate 54,000 refugees but Hungary rejected the plan. According to Swedish news agency TT, Sweden is eager to use quota given to Hungary to position asylum seekers.

On the other hand, refugees in Greece were relocated to Luxembourg on Wednesday as part of carrying out a plan to comfort the country amid the enormous amount of refugees coming into Greece looking for asylum.

Moreover, the European Union funded a 780-million-euro-program in where the first six families coming from Iraq and Syria were taken from Athens to their new location.

Greece accepted to give shelter to approximately 50,000 refugees until a new location would be found for them, with the assistance of funding from the United Nations.

The European Union has approved of the relocation of about 160,000 refugees from the countries that struggle to control the influx.

Italy and Sweden have already accepted about 86 people as part of the EU agreement.

Finland suspends decision over Afghan refugees

Finland said on Wednesday that it halted to receive Afghani refugees due to security problems in the country.

Finnish Immigration Service said "The guidelines for making decisions on asylum applications are updated on the basis of the obtained information.”

Afghans consist a large scale of thousands of refugees who seek asylum in Europe. Earlier this week, Austria which facing record numbers of asylum requests this year, proposed draft law to hinder Afghan refugees while German interior minister announced for them to remain in their homeland.

Nearly 25,000 refugees have arrived in Finland this year, 8 percent of them being from Afghanistan.

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