Switzerland silent on extradition of ex-commander to Serbia

Swiss authorities provide no answer to Serbia’s demand for extradition of Bosnian ex-commander Oric

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

According to the Serbia-based news channel B92.net, the Muslim Bosniak presidency member of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, requested Switzerland to extradite Naser Oric to Bosnia.

Izetbegovic claims referring to diplomatic channels that the Serbian Justice Ministry on June 12 sent the extradition request to Switzerland.

Izetbegovic reportedly wrote in the request to Switzerland that "Mr. Oric has residence in Bosnia-Herzegovina and that he is available to its law enforcement organs, we expected the Republic of Serbia to, in the spirit of good neighborly relations, respect its commitments toward the provisions of the signed bilateral agreements and protocols between the two states, that is, that it would hand over the case to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and would not send a request to Switzerland to extradite Mr. Oric."

According to information provided by diplomatic channels to Izetbegovic, the Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic had his first visit to Sarajevo, which planned to take place on June 9, postponed by Izetbegovic, who said the visit would be delayed until "the extradition procedure before the Swiss justice organs has been completed, and until Mr. Oric returns to Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Swiss Federal Office of Justice official Folco Galli, however, denied Izetbegovic had made such a request, telling the paper Vecernje Novosti that no official extradition request has arrived from Belgrade to date.

Galli also told the daily that Serbia has only 18 days to send request to Switzerland but the decision to hold Oric in prison or to extradite  him is entirely a Swiss call.

Swiss police arrested Oric, the former Muslim Bosniak commander of Srebrenica, on June 10 at the Thonex-Valland crossing between Switzerland and France due to a warrant issued by Serbia-Interpol in February 2014, claiming Oric is wanted for allegedly killing nine Serb civilians in the villages of Zalazje and Donji Potocari, in the Srebrenica area, on July 12, 1992.

Oric is holding Prison de "Champ-Dollon" in Geneva.


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