Syriza lead narrows in latest poll in Greece

New Democracy Party leader says, his party is ready to form coalition with Syriza party, if neither take majority in upcoming election as Syriza lead narrows

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Outgoing Greek Prime minister Tsipras, is faced with a rebellion by the left wing of his party

The outgoing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' Syriza party is now closed with opposition conservative New Democracy Party, according the latest polls for the upcoming elections to take place on Sept. 20th.

The last poll, which was carried out by ProRata interviewing a sample of 1,000 people, shows that the Syriza party has 23 percent support while the New Democracy has 19.5 percent.

If Tsipras can not take plurality in the upcoming election then he may not be assigned to form a new government. As a result, the role may fall on the opposition New Democracy leader Evangelos Meimarakis.  

The two parties support the bailout agreement with Greece’s creditors to save Greece from its ongoing economic crises. But Tsipras said in his speech that, his party would “try to improve” the agreement, contradicting the earlier statement of his party’s electoral mandate to oppose the bailout agreement.

Tsipras said he would provide debt relief for Greece and re-establish the right for workers to have collective negotiation.

Tsipras was challenged with a revolt by the left wing of his party, as more than 30 former Syriza MPs have elected to form Popular Union Party, which opposes the bailout agreement.

Meimarakis said on Sunday that his party is ready to form a coalition government with Syriza if both parties fail to win majority in the upcoming election.

“I believe in consensus and cooperation,” Meimarakis said in a Bloomberg television interview on Sunday.

“We have proven throughout these years that when it’s for the good of the country, for safeguarding its place in the euro area, we’re willing to cooperate.”

The Former Syriza minister Nikos Voutsis said that a coalition government with an opposition party could be necessary. Voutsis insisted that after the election’s result, any failure to form a government, must be avoided at all costs as this may pose a threat of delay for the bailout.       

An 86-billion-euro ($95-billion) bailout package for Greece was approved by the Eurogroup on August 14, but the Greek population has largely been opposed to it as it stipulates austerity measures such as tax hikes and pension cuts. 



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