Teenage refugee dies in Channel Tunnel

Local officials say teenage African refugee was killed by train when he was trying to reach Britain through the Channel Tunnel linking the country with France

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

The boy was found unconscious near the tracks

A spokesman for Eurotunnel in France said that a teenage boy died while trying to reach Britain through the Channel Tunnel and that this is the latest of 11 incidents to occur since late June. The boy was found near the tracks of the railway on Wednesday night.

"A refugee was hit by a freight shuttle at around 2:00am (0000 GMT) on the tunnel site, and the victim was probably from Eritrea or Sudan,” the official said.

Almost 3,000 refugees - most of them from Africa, Afghanistan and Syria - are camped in the French town of Calais.

Eurotunnel says that there are about 150 attempts each night to get into the tunnel, down from a high of about 2,000 earlier in the year, due to additional security measures being taken.

Last week a Syrian refugee died while trying to the enter the tunnel in Calais.

Trains have been delayed by up to 30 minutes on the Dover to Calais route recently due to increased security.

"This sad incident shows once again that any attempt to travel illegally through the Channel Tunnel is fraught with danger," Eurotunnel said.

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