Thirty five percent tie between Conservatives, Labour

ComRes poll states Cameron’s Conservatives and opposition Labour receive 35 percent each

Updated Jul 28, 2015

With Britain's May 7 election just eight days away, Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party were tied at 35 percent each, according to a ComRes poll.

The two main parties have been neck and neck in most opinion polls since the start of the year, with neither establishing a sustained lead exceeding the three-point margin of error.

The poll, carried out for ITV News and the Daily Mail newspaper, put the Liberal Democrats, the junior members of the coalition government, at 7 percent, the anti-European Union UK Independence Party at 11 percent, and the Greens at 6 percent.

Opinion polls have consistently shown that neither of the two main parties is likely to win an overall majority in the 650-seat Parliament.