Thousands of bikers rally against government in Moldova

Biker protestors hold demonstration against government and cross Chisinau with motorbikes in Moldova

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Tens of thousands of people protest in Moldova's capital on September 6

Updated Sep 22, 2015

On Sunday, protestors in Moldova organised a motorbike rally through the country’s provinces instead of a mass rally in the capital Chisinau to continue their protests against the government.

A few hundred cars also attended the biker demonstrators against Moldova's leaders on September 20.

In Chisinau on Monday, Dignity and Truth (DA) leader and a former deputy Prime Minister Valentin Dolganyuk said, "We set off in an organized motorcade to get our demand over to as many people as possible. I was told that about a thousand cars took part in the rally." 

"We have switched protests to towns and villages where protests are underway too. The authorities will soon feel they are to go, the people can stand them any longer," said Dolganyuk.

There have been protests all summer after claims of banking fraud rocked the government. Two big rallies involving thousands of people were held on September 6 and 13. Tens of thousands of people participated in the demonstration on September 6 and went to the streets to denounce the pro-Western governing coalition’s failure to come to grips with graft and undertake reforms.

People set up tents in downtown Chisinau, Moldova, Monday, Sept. 7.

Protestors set up a lasting camp of about 200 tents to protest against perceived judicial corruption weekly on Sundays in Chisinau's central square. They want the resignation of President Nicole Timofti and some anticorruption officials, but the government wishes to negotiate with them by implementing economic measures and proposed reforms.

This week demonstrators staged pickets at the buildings of the prosecutor general’s office, state instutions and the national anti-corruption center calling for the resignation of the top officials of these bodies.

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