Three million children suffer poverty in France

UNICEF urges France to take action against millions of homeless children

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

UNICEF released a report showing that every one in five children fell under the poverty line in France.

According to Unicef statistics 30,000 children have temporarily lived on the streets, and 9,000 more have lived in slums, while 140,000 children drop out of school annually.

The UNICEF report showed that in times of economic crisis from 2008 to 2012 an extra 440,000 children faced poverty and homelessness in France.

The report criticised the French government saying that "a global strategy towards childhood and adolescence still does not exist, nor is there an adequate monitoring and evaluation process."

"France could do much better with the same resources," the report reads.

“Despite considerable efforts France has failed in part with regards to childhood and youth and these are the most vulnerable to poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.”

The head of UNICEF France Michèle Barzach said that the report should be considered as a “wake up call” by French officials to take action to help the children who have been living under the poverty line.

“The report is an alarm that should push the authorities to take urgent and more efficient action for every child,” Barzach added.

"France has failed in part with regards to childhood and youth."

Barzach said that the French government should pay more attention to the application of the Convention on the Rights of a Child referring to the refugee children who have been living in "totally unsatisfactory and leads to undignified situations.”

It has been mentioned that France has not applied a strategy to solve the poverty crisis among children. It also criticised the education system of France of being unequal.

France has the second largest economy among European countries, at the same time it has to deal with 3.53 million joblessness, which constitutes 10 percent of its society.

President Francois Hollande promised to decrease the jobless rate when he was elected in 2012. Hollande has also said that he will resign in 2017 if he cannot fulfill his promise.

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