Tsipras Government secures confidence vote in parliament

Tsipras coalition government wins parliamentary confidence vote early on Thursday, presenting his program after re-election

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras giving a speech before securing parliamentary confidence vote

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has gotten 155 votes out of the 300 parliament seats securing confidence vote after a three day debate, where he presented his future plan over the economic crisis analyzing the execution of the third bailout.

The third bailout programme is the PM’s priority aiming at the quick relief of the country.

"We will quickly pass the hurdle of the first review, we will conclude the big issues of the bank recapitalisation and the debt and we will proceed at a measured pace to change Greece," Tsipras said.

"I'm convinced that we will make it," he added.

Tsipras also felt confident about bringing the Greek crisis to an end within a four year term.

“The [government’s] four-year term will be the term that will lead the country out of the crisis and Greek economy will return to growth, despite the difficulties that lie ahead,” he told lawmakers.

At the same time, he talked about a country of justice and of better future for the new generation, by tweeting on his personal account. "A country where the young people will look at the future with anticipation. A country of work, decency and social justice," he tweeted.

Tsipras coalition government is called to implement new reforms given by its creditors after he agreed on harsh austerity measures earlier this year. The reforms include tax rises as well as pension cuts.

Tsipras had agreed to the creditors reforms accepting a €86 billion ($96 billion) third bailout despite Greek citizens' decision to reject them.

The reforms have to be set by Oct. 15.

Tsipras has promised that the implementation of the third bailout will bring the conclusion of the capital controls that oppress Greeks since late June, not allowing them to withdraw money from banks but only up to a certain amount per week.  

The Greek Prime Minister after his re election on September, 20 he said that “Greeks have become a symbol for people around the world that fight against austerity and submission.

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