Turkey allows refugees to return to Syria for Ramadan

The Turkish government is opening the Kilis checkpoint so refugees can cross back over into Syria to spend the final days of Ramadan with their families.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The border region from Azaz to Jarablus down to Al Bab in northern Syria was secured from Daesh and the PKK during the Turkey-backed Operation Euphrates Shield which started late last year.

The Turkish government has opened two border crossings this week to allow refugees to return to Syria to celebrate the final days of Ramadan with their families.

Thousands have gone to the border for the opportunity to cross. They can remain in Syria for 30 days. But if they stay longer, they won't be allowed to return to Turkey.

Mouhsin Deicar has travelled a thousand miles for the opportunity. It has been years since he has seen his ailing mother.

“I want to go to Azaz to see my mother. She is sick and her condition [is] getting worse. She lives with my sister. God willing I will be able to cross.”

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