Turkey calls for review on global strategy to defeat DAESH

Turkey’s Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin calls for review of global strategy used for defeating DAESH

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin speaks at the Turkish Presidential palace 26 Feb. 2016.

Turkey’s Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Saturday called for a review of the global strategy used for defeating DAESH terrorists, in his weekly column for Daily Sabah.

Kalin said that Brussels “act of cowardice and inhumanity," where suicidal terrorists killed 31 and wounded hundreds in multiple attacks at an airport and metro station, should be seen as a wake-up call.

“First of all, the anti-DAESH strategy needs to be revised,” Kalin said, adding that the group must be destroyed.

“Muslim and Western countries must work together to eliminate DAESH, Al Qaeda and similar terrorist organisations whether it’s in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, France or Belgium.”

Kalin touched on the failure of the current strategy, stating that air strikes in Syria and Iraq have not helped prevent DAESH from conducting attacks in Syria, Turkey, Europe and the US.

“The longer we let this war continue, the deadlier DAESH terrorism will be,” he said.

Kalin said it was “neither logical nor moral to see DAESH as a terrorist organisation when it targets Paris or Brussels, but not the PKK when it targets Ankara more than once in a matter of two months,” speaking in response to the February 17 and March 13 suicide attacks, where PKK terrorists used bomb-laden cars to kill a vast amount of civilians.

DAESH and the PKK are both “united in their terrorism directed at Turkey," he added.

Kalin had called for better intelligence cooperation, criticising Belgium’s failure to act on intelligence provided by Turkey's warning that one of Brussels bombers Ibrahim el Bakraoui is affiliated with DAESH, after he was deported last June from Turkey.

The two suicide bombers who carried out the attacks in Brussels airport on Tuesday were brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui. (Reuters)


Turkey has deported more than 3,000 people over the last three years, while also preventing entry to 37,000 others in the same period, he added.

The Turkish politician criticised European and American Islamophobes for “manipulating the attacks for political goals in their anti-Muslim sentiments.”

“DAESH does not recruit on the sole of religious belief and recruits petty criminals and misfits from all walks of the globe by fabricating knowledge out of its context.”

Calling for a “consistent and efficient” approach, Kalin said “blaming the victims and manipulating public outrage or fear for political opportunism serves no common good.”

The spokesman had condemned the “heinous attack” on his twitter account on Tuesday.

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