Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing

Turkish Airlines flight en route from Istanbul to London makes forced landing in Belgrade, unclaimed tablet found on board

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Turkish Airlines (THY) aircraft flying from Istanbul to London changed route mid-air and force landed in Belgrade on Monday after an unaccounted tablet was located on board the flight.

The aircraft’s cabin crew reported locating an unaccounted tablet to the pilot, who then communicated with an airline navigation tower in Belgrade to inform of a required emergency landing, airline officials said.

Following a confirmation from the Belgrade tower, the aircraft made an emergency landing in Belgrade airport. Passengers were evacuated into the airport terminal and security officials inspected the aircraft.

In Serbia’s capital, once all security checks were complete, the flight was given permission to resume flight en route to London.

There was no evidence of any unusual activity found within the aircraft.

Passengers were called back on board after the security control confirmed a no-danger situation and the aircraft resumed flight.


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