Tusk says former Soviet states should live 'European dream'

European Council President says eastern European countries should have the right for EU aspirations

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

European Council president Donald Tusk said that Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova should not be deprived of joining the European Union (EU). He said that these former Soviet states are not a "false promise" for the European integration.

With the EU partnership program coming up on May 21-22, Tusk said that the partnership program does not guarantee membership.

Kyiv, Tbilisi and Chisinau have the right to attain the "European dream," he added.

The three countries previously accused the EU of failing to show any evidence of welcoming them as member countries into the bloc.

Many EU member states have strayed away in acknowledging eastern European countries aspiring membership bids.

During the Tusk administration in Poland, he championed the right of those eastern countries aspiring to be in the EU by drawing in power and support to the Eastern Partnership Program. The programme encompasses EU’s eastern neighbours the three countries as well as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus.

He believes he has a duty to uphold the rights of these countries as president of the European Council.

He says his role as the European Council president is to manage these countries’ expectations in the coming years.

"Our duty -- I feel it is also my personal responsibility -- is to deliver not the empty promise that it is possible tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but the way to Europe."

"I mean not membership in a predictable future, but to European standards, to our cultural and political community," he added.


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