Two armed men enter refugee shelter in Germany

Two drunk men, one armed with knife, enter asylum in Germany, residents notice police on time preventing possible incident

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A refugee center in Berlin, August 26, 2015

Two men aged 29 and 31, one armed with knife, entered a refugee shelter in northeastern German city of Parchim, on Tuesday.

The men, one of whom were carrying a 20.5 cm long knife, were noticed by the refugees in the shelter.

As the refugees informed the police, the trespassers escaped but they were caught after a while.

Both of the men had an alcohol level of over 2.0 promiles, which is way above the 0.5 alcohol limit in Germany. The men shout xenophobic slogans while the police made blood test.

The men don’t belong to an extreme-right group, but the incident is taken as a xenophobic act, a police officer said.

Germany has been facing anti-refugee and xenophobic attacks on shelters recently. German President Joachim Gauck talked about the recent attacks saying "Volunteers who want to show that there is a Germany in the light, a shining contrast to the dark Germany we witness when we hear about attacks on refugee centres or even xenophobic acts against people," in his visit at a shelter in Berlin on Wednesday.

His visit was a few hours before Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit of the eastern town in Dresden which has faced clashes between extreme-right anti-refugee groups and the police.



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