Two suspects die during police raid in Paris suburb

Raid on suburban apartment by French police results in death of two suspects thought to be linked to Paris terror attacks

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

French special police forces secure the area as shots are exchanged in Saint-Denis, France, near Paris, November 18, 2015

Two suspects have died on Wednesday following gunfire exchange and a suicide explosion as French police special forces raided an apartment in northern Paris suburb of Saint Denis, targeting suspects believed to be linked to the Friday night attacks in Paris, which left 129 people dead.

According to media reports, the explosion came after a female suicide bomber blew herself up. At least three police officers are believed to be injured.

Another suspect was killed during a six-hour shootout started before dawn, while seven others were arrested. 

The police did not give any further information besides that another suspect may still be in the apartment. 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, who is one of the main suspects of the Paris bombings, could be one of the two people inside the apartment.

The Saint Denis area is currently secured by the police forces, while schools and public transportation have been shut down.

French soldiers secure the area of Saint-Denis, France, near Paris, November 18, 2015 in the on-going operation

Deputy Mayor Stephane Peu urged residents to stay in their homes saying, "it is not a new attack but a police intervention."

French justice minister has stated to media that the operation is nearing an end. However, he did not elaborate on the situation in the apartment.

The DAESH terrorist organisation has taken responsibility for the Friday’s deadly attacks, saying it was a retaliation for French air strikes in Syria.

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