UK cabinet divisions deepen over possible Brexit job losses

British PM David Cameron says Brexit supporters see job losses as 'a price worth paying'

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks before press.

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday criticised Brexit supporters of accepting possible job losses as “a price worth paying” in remarks likely to deepen divisions among his ministers.

While speaking at a car factory in northern England, Cameron said, “For those who advocate leaving, lost jobs and a dented economy might be collateral damage, or a price worth paying.”

“For me, they're not. They never are because there's nothing more important than protecting people's financial security. That's why I believe we are better off in,” Cameron added.

Cameron said at least 3 million British jobs are connected to the European single market and warning that a withdrawal from the EU carries economic risks. 

He added that even supporters of a Brexit admitted it could have heavy consequences: “They've said it might lead to job losses. That there would be dislocation, uncertainties and costs. That there would definitely be some problems, even pain.”

But in the latest indication tension among the cabinet members, Chris Grayling, a minister in Cameron’s Cabinet, told BBC radio on Thursday morning that Cameron’s claims were "simply not true." 

"It is about creating the opportunity for more jobs. European Union regulations cost jobs in this country. They increase costs for business. They make it less desirable to employ people in the UK," he said. 

After reaching an agreement with European Union leaders for reforms that would give UK special status in the bloc, Cameron announced a referendum will be held on June 23 where British people will decide whether the country's future will be in or out of the EU.

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