UK to take new measures against ‘illegal immigrants’

Britain announces new proposals to tackle ‘illegal immigrants’ following attempts of hundreds trying to enter UK

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Aug 5, 2015

The United Kingdom on Monday announced that it will implement new measures to tackle “illegal immigrants” as there have been more attempts of migrants in France trying to cross into Britain via the undersea cross-channel Eurotunnel.

If implemented the measure expects landlords to evict tenants who lose their right to stay in England.

Landlords who do not remove tenants, or who do not check the status of the immigrants before renting out properties, could be jailed up to five years.

According to the new proposal, the Home Office will issue a notice to the landlord when an asylum application fails.

The proposal announced by the Communities Secretary Greg Clark comes as the French and British governments are struggling to cope with the migrant crisis in Calais, as hundreds are trying to cross the Channel to reach the UK.

On Monday the French Police Union reported that there were 1,700 migrant “intrusions” overnight Sunday in the Channel Tunnel freight terminal, a high increase in numbers as only a few hundred tried to cross previously on nightly bids.

Eurotunnel reported that 2,000 migrants tried to enter the tunnel illegally on July 27, and 1,500 more on July 28, and July 29.

Eurotunnel also reported that 37,000 migrants have been detected while attempting to cross the Channel since the beginning of January.

The Channel Tunnel has been operating since 1994, connecting Folkestone, Kent, in the UK, with Coquelles, near Calias. It hosts Eurostar trains for passengers as well as freights.

On July 31 the British prime minister’s office announced that PM David Cameron called French President Francois Hollande to discuss safety measures on both sides of the Eurotunnel, and ways to prevent migrants from entering into the restricted areas.

The UK has agreed to aid France with $11 million to improve fencing around the Eurotunnel in Coquelles and also provide extra sniffer dogs, reported the Agence-France Press (AFP).

Calais has long attracted migrants escaping from war as well as poverty and there are an estimated of over 3,000 refugees from Somalia, Eritrea as well as Syria living in camps near the northern French port.

Migrants have previously and are still trying to swim towards Dover port and smuggle themselves into moving trucks or trains.

In June a video recorded by tourists travelling on a bus in Calais showed migrants trying to climb into UK-bound trucks in order to cross the channel.

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