Ukraine-NATO commence military exercises in Black Sea

Ukraine hosts Sea Breeze 2015 military exercises in Black Sea

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk during Sea Breeze 2015 commencement

Naval military exercises kick-off in Ukraine on Monday, marking the beginning of Sea Breeze 2015 in the Black Sea, with the collaboration of NATO forces.

The exercise is hosting 2,500 troops and some 150 military vehicles. US has sent 1,000 troops, five warships, two submarines and six aircraft.

Countries like Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, UK, Moldova and Sweden also offered troops for the exercises that are to be conducted.

“The exercise is meant to boost trust and security in the region, [and to increase] the compatibility between the Ukrainian Navy and the navies of NATO members and partner countries,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated.

He also stressed out the importance of internal cooperation between Ukrainian Naval Forces and the Naval Forces of NATO members, as well as partnering countries.

Sea Breeze 2015, takes place in Odessa and Nikolaevsk in Ukraine, close to Russia’s Crimea, and will continue until September 12. Ukraine will be a participant in 11 NATO drills.

Some 400 US sailors will participate in Sea Breeze 2015, where the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer and several other special equipment will be used.

It is expected that the drills will make use of 14 ships, eight planes and helicopters and approximately 90 vehicles.

“I am confident that this exercise will also lead to valuable personal exchanges between our sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines, leading to stronger bonds and unity in this region,” Vice Admiral James Foggo said.

Foggo, as the commander of the US 6th Fleet, added that the exercise is “an important opportunity to work with our partners and conduct meaningful training in the land, air, and maritime domains.”


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