Ukrainian civilian helicopter crashes in Slovakia, 6 killed

Slovak interior ministry spokesman says Ukrainian civilian helicopter crashed near Slovakian border with Ukraine

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

A Ukrainian civilian helicopter has crashed in eastern Slovakia, killing six people, a Slovak interior ministry spokesman said on Friday.

The Mi-2 turbine-powered transport helicopter crashed near Slovakia's border with Ukraine, which is also the EU's eastern border, ministry spokesman Ivan Netik told Reuters.

An unidentified helicopter was detected in Slovak airspace on Wednesday night. Ukrainian authorities did not confirm that any aircraft had crossed the border, he said.

"The Mi-2 helicopter with Ukrainian markings was flying at a low altitude in very bad weather conditions as if it was trying to avoid being detected," Netik said.

The police discovered six bodies at the crash site on Friday. There is no evidence at the moment pointing to cigarette or people smuggling, he added.

The police could not immediately identify the nationality or gender of the crash victims.