Ukrainian lawmaker says Russia persecutes Crimean Turks

Ukrainian lawmaker Mustafa Dzhemilev says Russia steps up oppression over Crimean Turks after downing of Russian jet by Turkey

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Ukrainian lawmaker Mustafa Dzhemilev says Russia continues to oppress Crimean Turks

Russia has stepped up the persecution of ethnic Turks living in Crimea since Turkey downed a Russian jet, Ukrainian lawmaker Mustafa Dzhemilev said on Tuesday.

“Russia has initiated wild anti-Turkism. It is putting families of Turkish marriages in Crimea into exile and oppressing businessmen,” Dzhemilev said.

According to Dzhemilev’s claim, Moscow accused more than 500 students who had studied in Turkey of working for Turkish intelligence.

On Nov. 24, Turkey brought down a Russian jet on the Turkish border with Syria after it violated Turkish airspace despite several warnings.

“This issue should be solved in a democratic and diplomatic way... We hope the sanctions on Russia will yield results,” Dzhemilev said urging the international community to carry on its sanctions on Russia.

In March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea in a referendum condemned by the Ukrainian government and the international community.

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