Xeros to testify on escape plan of Greek guerrilla group

November 17 guerilla group member admit participation of another prison escape plan

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Convicted November 17 guerilla group member Christodoulos Xeros gave testimony about his participation in the Koydallos Prison escape of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire guerrilla group members last December.

Court adjourned three times for Xeros’s testimony, when he asked additional time to “study” his charges.

Christodoulos Xeros, 56, has been popular since his escape from one of the most secure prisons in Greece. 

Xeros in 2014 was sentenced with six consecutive life sentences with an additional 25 years over crimes including murders, bombings and robberies. 

After his conviction on January 2014, he managed to receive permission to leave the Korydallos prison for a short time, but he never  returned, becoming a fugitive.

Greek police could not find him and US officials settled a one-milion-euro award for those with information about Xeros’ location.

Shortly after  his escape, Xeros released a video saying he was about to attack to the government “with armed action for running the country with austerity measures.” 
Xeros threatened the Greek government as well as the media, the judiciary, the police and the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party.

In January 2015, police arrested the fugitive in a town near the capital city of Athens with 45 explosive mechanisms in containers. While he was arrested, counter-terrorism squads found two plots for possible terrorist attacks in Xeros’ hide-out.

One plan involved the death of several Greek politicians, judges and finance patrons. The other plan involved the second attempt to blow up the largest prison in the city, the

Korydallos,  in order to jailbreak members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells guerilla group.

The first attempted escape of the guerilla members from Korydallos was prevented by Greek police in January 2014.

After his second arrest, Xeros was sent to the maximum security Domokos prison from Korydallos with other convicted members of the November 17 terrorist group.

November 17 was an urban guerilla group which was responsible for the assassination of 23 people and bomb attacks on US, British, Turkish and Greek persona between 1975 and 2002.

In 2002, November 17 member and Christodoulos Xeros’ brother Savvas Xeros was arrested. Since then, most of the members of the organization has been arrested.

The Conspiracy of Fire Cells guerilla group began to appear in 2008 through conducting attacks on Athens and Thessaloniki banks and luxury car dealerships. Police arrested four members of the group in 2009. In 2010, two more members were also detained when they were about to mail bombs to foreign embassies and politicians.

In May 2011, members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells clashed with Greek police. Since 2011, the US has  listed them as terrorist group.

Lately, the Conspiracy of Fire Cells became popular once more  following Christodoulos Xeros’ confession on the group’s members’ prison escape.

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