Feature: Traces of Mosul

Listening to the stories that lie in the ruins Daesh left behind in the Iraqi city.

Photo by: Shawn Carrie for TRT World
Photo by: Shawn Carrie for TRT World

Fresh signs of battle mar abandoned towns along the Iraqi army's advance toward Mosul.

Updated Nov 16, 2016


More than just a Daesh stronghold embroiled in an all-out war, Mosul is a part of a region filled with countless stories only just coming to light.

As the Iraqi army pushes toward the city centre from four sides, many of the surrounding towns and villages they pass through are ghost towns.

War zones are either hellishly loud or neurotically quiet. Once proclaimed the heartland of a “caliphate,” these lands are now left a wasteland of void, of battle-scarred ruins.

Emptied of their inhabitants, some of the only clues to learning how Daesh’s rule had transformed life in the homes and streets of Nineveh province are the remnants left behind after fighters and civilians fled.

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Author: Shawn Carrie