Last Night In Aleppo

On the fateful night that the Syrian regime sought to complete Aleppo’s fall, the voices of its residents rose up to tell their story to the world.

Photo by: Anadolu Agency
Photo by: Anadolu Agency

On Monday, the Syrian regime forces and their allies gained almost complete control of Aleppo – once heralded as the “capital of the revolution.”

Today, the regime declared “victory” over the city it has been aiming to destroy for weeks. Last night, in the course of just a few hours, it all came to a dramatic climax. On the night the Syrian regime sought to complete Aleppo’s fall, it was the resilient voices of the city’s residents that rose up – and made themselves heard around the world.


11:10 AM

I began Monday morning as I started nearly every day the past month, by checking in with Rami and the others. Like a role-playing game played through my phone, I have little power to change the storyline of Aleppo's cast of characters. “Good morning, it’s nice to speak with you,” his gentle voice chirps to me through a voice message on Facebook. Only 24 years old, he struggles to describe the extent to which the destruction of his city has shattered people’s lives there.

“Everything has been destroyed. Whole districts have been turned into rubble. All facilities are either rubbles or out of service - hospitals, school, even the water station. They destroyed everything. I don't know if I have words to describe the situation in Aleppo, I’m sorry about that,” he says, before the message ends.

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