3D printers change life for child amputees

A Turkish charity is building cheaper and more advanced prosthetic hands for children using 3D print technology.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Child amputees are benefiting from 3D printing technology.

Turkish charity Robotel is printing 3D robotic hands for amputee children to make their everyday life much easier.

Traditional prosthetic hands can be very expensive and are rarely made for children. The 3D print technology provides a cheaper, more advanced alternative.

3D printing is also fast, cutting wait time, and the robotic results work much like a human hand.

With a 3D robotic hand a child can hold onto things, ride a bike, and even tie shoelaces.

So far, Robotel has provided 12 children with the hands and there are plans for more. Robotel is part of a global initiative, E-nable, that aims to provide children with assistance hands.

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