7 reasons Pepsi’s sugar cut is a good idea

The brand known for its soft drinks set a new goal to reduce the amount of sugar in its beverages around the world.

Photo by: Shutterstock
Photo by: Shutterstock

A 355 millilitre serving of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. The sugar and high fructose corn syrup found in Pepsi are responsible for the 150 calories delivered by each serving.

New York-based company PepsiCo on Monday announced it will cut added calories from its soda by 2025.

The company estimates its will decrease its calorie intake from 150 to 100 calories per 12 ounce (350 millilitres) per serving.

The decision was announced a week after the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report that linked sugary drinks to obesity.

So why is this a good thing?

1.       Sugar, soft drinks and obesity

A study done in New York City Hall gives clear evidence that consuming sugary drinks interacts with genes that affect weight. San Francisco, Calif. September 21.

Health experts and various governments blame Pepsi and its rival Coca-Cola for increasing the rate of global obesity. They link the high-fat content of sugar in soft drinks to extreme weight gain.

2.       Diabetes

Checking blood sugar in diabetes patients is a crucial part of their daily life. It’s important to regulate the sugar levels in the body to prevent damage to nerves, blood vessels and other organs. Jakarta, Indonesia, April 22.

Experts agree that regardless of weight, soft drinks or beverages with high sugar content may be linked to the increase of type 2 diabetes worldwide. Cutting it from your diet can be powerful enough to control blood sugar, improve health and drop kilos.

3.       Tooth decay

A high-sugar diet boosts your odds of tooth decay, heart disease, and diabetes, not to mention weight gain.Riley Hospital for Children's Department of Pediatric Dentistry in Indianapolis. January 13.

Drinking sugary beverages when mixed with bacteria in your mouth kills the natural enamel of teeth, which is the outer protective layer, resulting in cavities and a visit to the dentist.

4.       Draining your pocket

In November 2016, voters in San Francisco and Oakland will consider a penny per ounce tax on sugar laden drinks such as bottled cola, sports drinks and iced teas. San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 21.

Mexico raised taxes in 2014 on sugary beverages which led to a 10 percent price hike, dropping sales by six percent, WHO said in a report.

5.       No nutritional value

Beverages are displayed at a demonstration against a proposed sugary drinks tax. The amount of sugar in each drink is different, but all carry the same risks of soda. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. May 4.

Soft drinks, such as Pepsi, are empty calories with no vitamins, no minerals and no fiber. It adds nothing but excessive amounts of sugar, draining health in the long run.

6.       Addiction

New research greatly strengthens the case against soda and other sugary drinks as culprits in the obesity epidemic. New York City Hall, New York. May 31, 2012 file photo

Having sugary drinks releases dopamine — the happy hormone your body produces naturally — which gives us pleasure. Excessive sugar in the body acts similarly to cocaine. The body becomes addicted and has trouble living without it.

7.       Dementia

Scientists are beginning to peer into the brains of people considered at high risk of getting Alzheimer’s to see if the disease has a high link to sugar comsumption, before any memory symptoms begin. Washington D.C. May 19, 2015 File Photo

Research shows people with high sugar diets are linked to an increase in dementia. The the most common form of dementia is being Alzheimer’s disease. Sugar-based beverages hike blood sugar levels in the body causing insulin resistance, damage in the brain and impaired memory and decision-making capabilities.

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