Antalya: Turkey's Mediterranean Paradise

G20 Summit is helping advertise one of the most beautiful places in Turkey to the world

Photo by: TRTWorld
Photo by: TRTWorld

Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort.

In 2013, it attracted 12 million tourists and ranked among the ten most visited cities in the world.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism sector accounted for 12 percent of Turkey’s GDP in 2014, injecting 96 billion dollars into the Turkish economy.

The sector employs more than 2 million people.

In Antalya, most people live off tourism. Here seasonal work is huge and the population more than doubles during summer months.

Turkish authorities hope hosting the G20 Summit will help promoting the sector - and Antalya - to the world.

Bulut Bagci, the president of the World Tourism Forum, said a summit such as the G20 is helps the economy “but it is even more important for the branding of the city: all TV channels, from Russia, London, US, the Arab world… all channels are there. If you try to invite them for another specific event… they say they’re busy… they can’t come

But with the G20, all the press… all the magazines… and all the people who would normally not go to Antalya are there."

Barack Obama was filmed playing golf between meetings. And the Saudi King (and his 1,000 strong men delegation) will stay a few extra days to enjoy the resort.

The G20 Summit is expected to inject $215 million to the Turkish economy and - with the whole world watching - advertise Antalya’s abundant beauty.

Author: Anelise Borges