Cannes Film Festival turns amputee away for not wearing high

Cannes festival organisers accused of turning film producer with partially amputated foot away from red carpet for not wearing high heels

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Danish film producer Valeria Richter said she was stopped four times and told she was turned away from the red carpet for not being able to wear high heels due to her amputated foot.

Cannes festival security has denied not allowing entry to women for not wearing heels as she was unable to wear heels due to  her amputated foot.
However, numerous people have reported seeing women being turned away.

Richter told she was separately questioned by four different officials when she attempted to go to the screening of Gus Van Sant's “The Sea of Trees.”

She was told  by the festival security “No, no, no, this won't work, you can't get in like this' as she was about to attend to a film premiere.”

Richter added: “They just pointed their finger at my shoe, and just waving their finger,so obviously it was my shoes.” 

Reportedly, officials looked  her footwear despite the fact that part of her left foot is amputated and she is unable to keep her balance in heels.

In the end she was allowed into the movie screening.

This year's event has been criticised for being sexist after reports emerged that women were being denied entry to events because of their shoes.

Actress Emily Blunt also criticised Cannes Film Festival organisers for banning flats but wore very high heels at the premiere of Sicario later that evening.

The director of the Amy Winehouse film Amy, Asif Kapadia,  tweeted that his wife had problems gaining entry for not wearing high heels but was eventually let in. 

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