Danish radio hosts kills baby rabbit live on air

Danish radio DJ has kills nine-week old baby rabbit live on air to highlight cruelty against animals

Photo by: Radio 24syv, via Facebook
Photo by: Radio 24syv, via Facebook

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Jorgen Ramskov, the editor in chief of Radio 24syv, a private station supported by fees from listeners, has said that he killed a rabbit live on air to provoke a debate over animal welfare.

The presenters of the radio show brought the rabbit, named him Allan, then killed him with a bicycle pump.

Audio of the killing of the baby rabbit is still available on the broadcaster’s website.

Asger Juhl, one of the presenters at the radio station, took the dead rabbit’s body home and skinned it. Juhl said he planned to cook the dead rabbit for dinner for his children. Juhl also posted video clips of before and after the killing on the station’s Facebook page.

In the first video the DJ is seen petting the rabbit, but the second video clip shows what the station described as meat from Allan’s body cooking in a stove.

After the killing Ramskov said, “I think this rabbit had a very decent life. It was taken good care of, it had a nice life and it was killed in a decent way.”

News of the rabbit’s killing caused fury on social media networks and prompted a backlash from the radio station’s listeners, with some calling for a boycott of the station.