The Finnish Baby Box

Fathers in suburban Helsinki want to create an international market for a Finnish tradition, a care package for new parents.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

From their suburban Helsinki homes, three fathers in 30's are hoping to create an international market for a distinctly Finnish package - the baby box.

Finland's government has sent the boxes - including baby clothes, a sleeping bag and nipple cream among other items - to parents-to-be since the 1930s when infant mortality was high.

The designs for the clothes - sourced in Finland - change every year, and the arrival of the box is a big event for most first-time Finnish parents.

Anssi Okkonen said he was impressed by the contents when his son was born two years ago.

Anssi Okkonen, Finnish Baby Box founder, said, "The babies actually can sleep in the box, it has a mattress in it and a cover and sheets and all that and at least I slept in a box like little over thirty years ago and now when my son was born, he also slept in the box which is super convenient because you can have the box beside the bed."

Engineers by day, Okkonen and his friends Heikki Tiittanen and Anton Danielsen, who have six children between them, decided to take the Finnish idea and market it worldwide.

It's called the Finnish Baby Box and costs about 400 euros, or 450 U.S. dollars.

The company exports to more than 20 countries, with the contents chosen to suit where the baby lives.