#hotdogprincess becomes social media hero

Little girl dresses up like hot dog at her dance class and inspires all, subverting popular image of princess.

Photo by: Twitter
Photo by: Twitter

Photo via @turnerbrandon.

Five year old girl Ainsley won hearts everywhere following her decision to attend a dance class at Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina, US, dressed up as a hot dog.

While all the girls in her class chose to look like Disney Princesses, little Ainsley broke traditional princess norms with her outfit – a hot dog complete with a line of yellow mustard down the front.

After photos of her wearing the costume went viral, #hotdogprincess became a trending topic on Twitter and Tumblr, turning her into an internet hero.

Social media users young and old alike expressed admiration for the Hot Dog Princess.

Even if the costume isn't 100 percent original – with some claiming she was inspired by a cartoon character called "Hot Dog Princess" on the cartoon show Adventure Time – she's still a badass.

The character Hot Dog Princess from the animated children's show Adventure Time.

Her dad, Brandon E Turner, shared his daughter's photo with great pride, saying it was totally her idea.

But one question remains – does she prefer ketchup or mustard?

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