Iran launches state run online dating site

Iran launches online matchmaking sites run by religious clerics and have blessing of government

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

High rate of divorce among young couples caused the Iranian authorities launch a state-run internet dating website.

The government plans to start a project to marry young people. It is a traditional concept with a modern twist.

According to researches, 22 percent of marriages among Iranians end in divorce and the divorced couples are mainly under 30.

Mahmoud Golrazi, the Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs announced his plans and said he hoped the new site would help create "100,000 marriages" and thus "solve the problem of marriage amongst young people."

The website called is run by the Islamic Development Organisation, an institution under the supervision of the Supreme Leader.

The website is managed by around 100 people. Although it is only active in Tehran at the moment they are expecting to expand it to other Iranian cities.

Users are asked to enter height, weight but can not upload profile photos.

Parents’ occupation and marital status also should be entered.

Only the web administrators can the see the user’s details and  start matching up suitable couples.

Although social media is tightly controlled in Iran, there are around 300 Western-style dating websites operating within the country.

Mr Golrazi says the existing sites contain what "illegal and immoral" content.