Israeli man jailed for hacking Madonna’s computer

Israeli man jailed for 14 months in Tel Aviv for hacking Madonna’s computer

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Adi Lederman received a 14-month jail sentence from the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for his conviction for cyber crimes against pop Madonna.

Lederman, 39, was arrested in January after an investigation assisted by the FBI. He was also fined 15,000 shekels ($3.900).

He was arrested for charges of computer trespassing, fraud, and intellectual property offenses against Madonna

Last year, Madonna logged her Instagram account in order to complain that hackers had broken into her computer and said hackers stole photographs and music tracks.

In the following days, a series of demos from Madonna’s album-in-progress, Rebel Heart, were leaked online. Madonna was forced to release six songs from her new album on iTunes immediately and moved up the release date of the full album to March.

“This is an artistic rape” Madonna wrote on Instagram following the hack (which has since been deleted).

However, she posted a few more messages on social media stating her heart was broken.


The court said, "The ease with which crimes such as this can be committed by those who have skills in the field, such as the accused, require an appropriate punitive response that has a deterrent and uncompromising message."

The convicted hacker was also known for auditioning on air in 2012 for the Israeli TV show "Kochav Nolad" (A Star is Born), Israel’s version of American Idol. The TV show’s judges described Lederman’s performance as “painful.”

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