Lebanon volunteers on a beach clean-up mission

Oceans are being polluted at an alarming rate. Lebanese volunteers have taken it upon themselves to clean the beaches of Batroun, which is flooded with rubbish rather than beachgoers.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Lebanese men play cards and smoke water pipe, as they sunbathe at the Mediterranean Sea off the Corniche, in Beirut, Lebanon, February 9, 2016.

The Lebanese city of Batroun has one of the best beaches, popular for its golden sand and surf.

It's summer time in Lebanon and the beaches are starting to fill up with beachgoers, but the shorelines have a big problem: rubbish can be found littered among sand and pebbles as people sunbathe nearby.

This week, the UN said the world's oceans are under threat as never before and plastic pollution is the main culprit.

Oceans are being polluted at an alarming rate, and one study reveals there could be more plastic than fish in them by 2050.

TRT World’s Rahul Radhakrishnan reports.