Lebron James gives scholarships to students

NBA star Lebron James helps Akron set up college scholarships for underprivileged students

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

NBA superstar gives full scholarships to Ohio kids who complete his mentoring program.

Updated Aug 22, 2015

Lebron James, the four-time National Basketball Association (NBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) and two-time NBA champion is collaborating with the University of Akron to support a guaranteed scholarship opportunity for students through an academic program, called “I Promise.”

The program’s goal is to help children of underprivileged households that hold the risk of dropping out of school due to low-income or single-parent households, who cannot afford university costs. Students to have the opportunity to complete high school and go on to college. 

Students who would be eligible for this opportunity must be residents of Akron, Ohio public schools as well as meet requirements such as a community service obligations, accomplish standardized testing requirements, academic grade requirements and attendance requirements. 

The scholarship will cover four-year tuition as well as the university’s general service fee of $9,500 per year. 

An estimated 2,300 students could potentially benefit from the scholarship, according to Akron Beacon Journal. 

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of,” James said, and continued to add that he grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Akron, Ohio.

The LeBron James Family Foundation, “I Promise” cause will cover education starting in 2021, with it’s already 1,100 students enrolled in its program, the bunch of seventh graders that kicked off the program will be graduating high school and starting their first year in college.

Although the criteria is still in the process of finalizing for the scholarship program, there’s an additional 1,200 students expected to participate in the foundation within the next four years.


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