Parrot detained for ‘abusing’ elderly woman in India

Parrot taken into custody after 85 year old Indian woman presses charges for insult

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A parrot in India was summoned by police for cursing at an old woman

A parrot named Hariyal was arrested by police in India for swearing at his owner’s 85 year old step-mother, Janabai Sakharkar, who accused her stepson Suresh Sakharkar of training the bird to harass her.

Janabai claims the parrot insulted her every time she walked pass her step-son’s home in Rajura city.

"I am being harassed for the last two years," Janabai told Zee News.

"That is why I have complained thrice in the last two years. Police called me, Suresh and the parrot to the police station. Police should investigate and seize the parrot."

The police officers’ first response to the incident was “rolling on the floor in laughter,” according to The Times of India, but they still approached the case seriously and called all parties involved to the station, including Hariyal.

But Hariyal was quiet at the police station, probably aware that he was in trouble.

Janabai and Suresh have been living seperately due to a disagreement over property. Police say Suresh may have said obscene things to his stepmother, which is probably how the parrot heard and copied the words.

The police weren’t able to keep a parrot at the station for long, but happily for Janabai, the bird was not returned to his owner and instead handed over to the Forest Department for rehabilitation.

Pigeon suspected of being ‘spy’

This is not the first time a bird has been arrested in India. About two months ago, a pigeon was captured by Indian police on suspicion of being a Pakistani "spy."

The "spy pigeon" was seized by a 14-year-old-boy near the Pakistani Indian border and had a message in Urdu and a Pakistani telephone number stamped onto its feathers along with a wire-like object on its body.

After the boy made the discovery he handed the bird over to the closest police station. The bird was then x-rayed, but nothing was found inside it.


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